Ekiti State University


The Department was created in 1984 under the Leadership of Dr. S.O.  Nwankwa, who was then the Head of Department of Chemistry. There were five (5) staff members in the laboratory at the inception but presently the following are manning the lab; Mr. Gbenga Familoni, Mr. S. O. Olaoye, Mrs. Bukola Rayegbemi and Mrs Temitope Domlan. The available functional equipment include Spectrophotometer, Rotary Evaporator, pH meter, Analytical balance, Furnace, Oven and centrifuge

From the take off point, the Department progressed under successive leadership of Mr. O.B. Adekalu (1984-1986), Dr. S.O. Nwankwa (1986-1988), Prof. A.A. Odutuga (1988-1991), Prof. S.I. Ette (1991-1995), Dr. I.O. Ogunleye (1995-1997), Dr. A.P. Igbakin (1997-1999), Dr. (Mrs) O.B. Ajayi (1999-2002), Dr. I.G. Adanlawo (2002-2004), Dr. (Mrs) M.F. Asaolu (2004-2006), Dr. (Mrs) I.O. Oloyede (2006-2008), Dr. I.G. Adanlawo (2008-2010), Dr. (Mrs) F.L. Oyetayo (2010-2012), Prof. (Mrs.) M.F. Asaolu (2012-2016), (Mrs.) Y.R. Alli-Smith (2016–2018), Dr. A.O. Oyeyemi (2018-2020) and the current Ag. Head of Department, Dr. (Mrs.) B. T. Aluko (August 2020 till Date).

The Objectives and Mission Statement

Objectives of the Department

The undergraduate programme in Biochemistry is designed to:

  1. provide a comprehensive knowledge of practical and theoretical Biochemistry at the Bachelor and Postgraduate degree levels.
  2. sensitize students of the increasing relevance of Biochemistry in the Biotechnological industry.
  3. provide appropriate courses for students from various faculties such as Science, Pharmacy, Education, Technology, Health Science and Agriculture that require a working knowledge of Biochemistry.
  4. provide a foundation for acquiring knowledge in specialized areas of Biochemistry at higher levels.
  5. make students aware of the relevance of Biochemistry in various ways and areas in meeting the manpower needs of the Country.
  6. enable students to appreciate its application to fields that require a working knowledge of Biochemistry.

Mission statement of the Department:

To offer high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programme in Biochemistry and carry out research that will permit our students to match up with international standard, thereby attaining scientific revolution in our world.

General services and academic programmes

The academic programmes and institutional activities of the Department are facilitated through tutorials, benchwork and the laboratories for the award of Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees in Biochemistry. The running and management of the Department depend on the following organs and administrative structure:

  1. The Head of Department and Chairman of Departmental Board.
  2. The Departmental Board consists of the Head of Department as Chairman, one representative from each of the other Departments in the Faculty and all Lecturers of the Department.
  3. The Department also sets up various committees to assist the Head of Department; such as the Academic Staff Review, Non-Teaching Staff Review, Admission Matters, Examination Matters, Research Fund Management, Journal and Handbook Publication, Departmental Week and Seminars and other statutory and special matters.