Ekiti State University

History of the Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology was initially known as the Department of Applied Microbiology when it was established along with the Department of Biochemistry in 1984. In 1987, the Department was merged and known as the Department of Botany and Applied Microbiology (since there were few senior staff on ground) for administrative purpose. It once again regained her autonomy as a separate Department in October, 1989. Academic staff of the Department in the late 80’s included Prof. S. K. Ogundana, Dr. M. A. Faluyi, Dr. J. A. Akinyanju, Dr. O. A. Akande, Dr. O. Famurewa, Dr. W. M. Kpikpi, Mrs E. Y. Aderibigbe, Mr. J. Onifade, Mr. J. K. Oloke, Mr. J. Kayode and Mr. J. O. Oyagade.                                

Mr. Falana S. O. was the only Technologist at the inception in the Department of Microbiology until 1992 when Mrs. S. O. Fasuan was appointed. Other laboratory staff members Mr. Ajayi, S. S., Mrs. Adeosun, O. M., Mr. Ibrahim Olasunkanmi, Mrs. Ejonona, I. T. Mr. Adesuyi Adedokun Sunday and Mr. Alaba Adebayo

The list of functional equipment in the laboratory include the Genlab incubator, Binocular microscopes, Water bath, Electrophoresis units, Colony counter, Precision balance (Ohaus), stainless anaerobic jar, rotary evaporator, glass water distiller, Thermocool fridge, and fire extinguishers. 

Currently, the Department has the following academic staff; Prof. JBI Aderiye, Prof. (Mrs.) E.Y. Aderibigbe, Prof. J. O. Oluyege, Prof. (Mrs.) T. O. Femi-Ola, Professor C. R. Falegan, Prof. (Mrs) A. O. Oluyege, Prof. D. E. Fagbohun, Dr. O. M. David, Dr. A. T. Odeyemi, Dr. (Mrs.) T. R. Omodara, Dr. (Mrs.) T. O. Olowomofe and Mr. I. P. Orjiakor. Students are trained in the areas of Food and Industrial, Environmental and Medical and Pathogenic Microbiology.  The Department has grown tremendously over the years in students’ enrolment and staffing position. The current acting Head of Department is Dr. O. M. David.