Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory Technology is designed for the effective application of higher education to solve problems of development through applied research, technical assistance, direct consultation, information services and internship programmes. The need for technologists in our various Laboratories for practical purposes in Science cannot be underestimated. Therefore, the need for this programme to pursue the following objectives:

  1. provision of the education relevant to Nigeria in the field of science and Technology.
  2. provision of laboratory Technology oriented graduates that will satisfy the manpower needs of service, Engineering and Medical Laboratories.
  3. to enhance a more efficient conduct of scientific research in laboratories with a view to attracting more scholars in the field of science Technology
  4. the training of Science Laboratory Technology will enhance overall development of Science and Technology in Nigeria
  5. the trained Laboratory Technologists are expected to be able to handle minor repair of equipment in Laboratories.