Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Physics

Physics is the science of the properties of matter, radiation and energy in all forms.  As such, it is the most fundamental of the sciences.  It provides the underlying framework for the other physical sciences and engineering and for understanding physical processes in biological and environmental sciences. 

The continual expansion of the Nigerian economy with the consequent establishment of factories, production centres and industries demand the services of highly skilled core of applied scientists.  Such experts are needed to carry out research and development functions which would involve innovations, optimization of techniques, evolution of new methods and practices and adaptations of well-known techniques to local requirements. In this light, the existing B. Sc. degree programme in Physics, Ekiti State University is being restructured to meet the demand in the diverse areas of Physics and Engineering Physics.

A degree in physics helps prepare you for employment in industry, research, government and academia. A bachelor’s degree from the undergraduate Physics programme will provide an overall view of both classical and modern physics along with problem-solving ability and the flexibility to continue learning. Your training can:

  • Prepare you for employment in industrial or governmental laboratories.
  • Prepare you for graduate studies for masters’ or doctoral degrees.
  • Provide a broad background for further work in other sciences, such as materials sciences, aerospace, astronomy, computer science, geophysics, meteorology, radiology, medicine, biophysics, engineering and environmental studies.
  • Provide part of the preparation you need to teach physics.

Finally, the course structures are prepared to meet the Minimum Academic Standards for undergraduate programmes of National Universities Commission (NUC).  We also ensure that students are exposed to the practical applications of Physics through Field Course experiences during Field Courses and Students’ Industrial Work Experience (SIWES).

The Department had provided information handbook to assist you and at the same time answer many questions you may have about the Department and our programme (B.Sc. Physics).  It is not intended to replace other Faculty and University handbooks, but rather should be read in conjunction with these.  If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any of your staff advisers.

I look forward to working with you during your undergraduate career and sincerely hope that the time you spend with us will be enjoyable and highly productive. Wishing you success in your studies and an enjoyable time at EKSU – an ICT driven University.