Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Science and Biotechnology

Plant Science and Biotechnology is an area of Science where plants-the gift of nature can be better studied and exploited. The areas on earth where there is the greatest number of animals and man are also the place where plants are most easily cultivated. The presence of plants makes possible the existence of animals and man since they are surrounded by and dependent upon plants. The food we eat, shelter, clothing and even the air we breathe all come from plants. Coal, furniture, paper products, medicines including antibiotics are all plant products.           

The Plant Science and Biotechnology curriculum is designed to equip students towards the developmental objectives of the University. This especially is to modernise and develop the overall human and natural resources for the growth of the nation’s economy and the entire world.                                                                                                                                              

The objective of the undergraduate programme is the provision of graduates in this field of study with adequate training to meet the manpower needs of the nation, Nigeria. The programme is designed to prepare undergraduates for work in higher institutions of learning, secondary schools, Research Institutes, Government Establishments, Industries and Consulting Organizations. In order to achieve the objective, students are given adequate knowledge of the theory and practical aspects of Plant Physiology, Ecology, Genetics, Taxonomy, Lower Green Plants Ecology, Palynology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Mycology, Pathology, Horticulture, Conservation among others.                                                                    

Students are counselled and guided in the selection of courses that best suit their capability and interest. In the final year (4th year), each student undertakes a research project under the supervision of academic staff and they present written report on the research work. Students also present seminars on an approved topic. All these give the undergraduates some insight into research methodology and career opportunities in Plant Science and Biotechnology. The academic Programmes and Institutional activities of the Department are facilitated through tutorial bench and laboratories.

Opportunities exist for inter-disciplinary research and consultancy studies with members of staff from other Departments in the University such as Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Zoology and Environmental Biology.

The laboratory unit of the department has two technologists, Mr. Olosunde Lewis Ojo and Mr. Ajayi Steven Olalekan. The laboratory is well equipped with functional microscopes, oven, incubator, Centrifuge, Inoculating chamber, Heating mantle, Freezer, Photographic tank, Autoclave, and Sensitive balances.

The department has three (3) Professors, Kayode, J., Tedela, P. O. and Ademiluyi, B. O. Other lecturers are Dr. S. Arowosegbe, Dr. J. E. Otoide, Dr. Mrs. M. J. Ayeni, Dr. J. Y. Ijato, Dr. A. O. Adebiyi, Dr. S. D. Oyeyemi, Dr. Mrs. M. K. Olanipekun, Dr. O. M. Obembe and Mrs. D. E. Akinbinu.